Founded by Walter A. Toebe in 1922, Toebe Construction has a century of superior performance serving both the public and private sectors. Operating today as a third generation owned and operated business, Toebe is an industry leader in the construction and rehabilitation of highway bridges and other concrete structures, high-production concrete paving, excavation, and underground work across Michigan and beyond.

With superior workmanship and safe and consistent project execution, we are known for successfully delivering both small and large projects for our clients from concept to completion. We take great pride in our employees and strong core values, which have been the bedrock of our success for the past 100 years.






Toebe has self-performed the construction of major portions of many of the most recognized transportation infrastructure projects in addition to a host of less prominent but equally significant public works across Michigan.

Sprinkle Road Project
Willow Run Runway
Toebe Bridge
Bascule Bridge Toebe

Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) Taxiway Yankee

CONTRACT VALUE: $31,200,000.00 • DURATION: April 2022-November 2022
Reconstruction of the northern portion of Taxiway Yankee and associated taxiways, including pavement repairs of Taxiways Kilo. The Project consisted of over 65,000 square yards and over 35,000 cubic yards of concrete.  Crews worked slip forming concrete at depths between 18”-22”.   With a very demanding schedule and elaborate haul routes this project was complexed.  Crews had to access the project by crossing two and sometimes three active taxiways.  Toebe and other members of the project team worked long hours, a lot of the times 7/days a week to complete a successful project before the colder months arrived.

I-69 Reconstruction Lapeer to Lake George

CONTRACT VALUE: $68,998,624.28 • DURATION: April 2022-October 2023

Toebe Construction, LLC is currently reconstructing 7 miles of freeway, rehabilitating 4 bridges, and reconstructing a rest area on I-69 east of Lapeer, MI.  The project includes over 460,000 CY of earth excavation, 214,000 CY of subbase, 65,000 CY of base course, and 355,000 SY of 10” thick concrete paving.  Construction is taking place over 2 seasons with eastbound I-69 reconstruction occurring in 2022 and westbound I-69 along with rest area reconstruction occurring in 2023.  The contract requires that each construction season be completed within a stringent number of calendar days, so the project is being constructed at a fast pace to ensure schedule milestones are met.

1-94 Lovers Lane to Sprinkle Road

CONTRACT VALUE: $86,859,000.00 • DURATION: March 2021-November 2022
Toebe Construction, LLC is teamed up with M & M Excavating Company for a major road widening project on I-94 from Lovers Lane to Sprinkle Rd. in Kalamazoo County. The project is being built using stage construction to maximize mobility during construction and is scheduled to be completely open to traffic by November 14, 2022. This project includes replacement of 4 bridges, noise wall construction and 2.7 miles of roadway reconstruction and widening. The bridge package includes demolition of existing structures, 15,000 ft of pile driving, 50,000 sft of MSE wall and both steel beam erection and concrete beam erection.

Willow Run Runway Decoupling

CONTRACT VALUE: $14,345,778.00 • DURATION: March 2021-November 2021
Toebe Construction, LLC is constructing the YIP 5R/23L & 9/27 Decoupling project at Willow Run Airport. The project is scheduled to be Substantially Complete no later than November 14, 2021. The project is under strict calendar day schedule of 216 day for all runways and taxiways to be reopened and turned back over to the Wayne County Airport Authority. The project includes 146,000 CYDs of earth excavation, 40,000 CYDs of aggregate and subbase placement and 65,000 SYDs of pavement removal. The utility package includes over 2,500 LF of storm sewer along with 615 LF of 60” RCP installed at a depth of 30’.

Ambassador Bridge Deck Replacement

CONTRACT VALUE: PRIVATE • DURATION: August 2020-November 2021
Toebe Construction LLC is under contract with the Detroit International Bridge Company for the demolition and reconstruction of the deck system on the Ambassador Bridge United States Approach Spans.  This unique project consists of 33 spans totaling approximately 83,000 square feet of new bridge deck.  Utilizing staged construction to maintain international traffic flow, the project is projected to complete in Q3 2021.

Fort Street Bascule Bridge

CONTRACT VALUE: $46,300,000.00
Replacement of the Fort Street Bridge to become the new Fort Street Bascule Bridge, the World's heaviest bascule leaf at 8.2 million pounds and the second largest by deck area at over 15,000 square feet. The project was a vital part of the overall Fort-Rouge Gateway Project that focuses on historic heritage. As a Movable Merit Award Winner, this record-setting, single-leaf bascule bridge proves innovation can also be economical.


Toebe Construction Safety Award

At Toebe, safety is at our core! We are proud and honored to receive a 100,000 Man Hour Accident Free Award from Amerisure and VTC! Our crews have been hard at work on the Ambassador Bridge since March of 2020. Working through the harsh winter months and humid summer afternoons this achievement was only made possible by excellent planning and foresight from so many of our talented team members.

A special thanks to Dan Kroll and Chris Taylor running the day to day, a group of top line foremen (Greg Adelberg, Brian Adelberg, Tony Ruhle, Dave Ruhle, Ed Leddy) executing their plans to perfection, and all of our hardworking journeymen proving their skilled trade. This job features some of the highest risk work where everything is done at considerable heights with heavy materials and precision accuracy.

A very complex project that very few companies can execute…….. Congratulations to all involved, and keep up the great work!

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